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Monday | June 12, 2023 


Kelly Leadership Group is founded on the belief that our lives carry a well defined PURPOSE, GROWTH is a minimum requirement for success, and that EVOLUTION is the only way to ensure our personal and professional survival.

Our MISSION is to evolve the journey of professionals by providing access to key resources necessary to achieve set goals. Our VISION is to become the premier provider of personal and professional evolution services which results in stronger leaders for organizations and our communities.

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Alonso Kelly

About Alonso:

A dynamic Executive Coach, Professor, 3x Best Selling Author, and Radio Host, Alonzo Kelly has gained international and global attention as a premier consultant and strategist. Alonzo is recognized as one the nation’s leading experts on leadership development, strategic thinking, planning, and acting which results in individual and organizational goal achievement.

He has appeared on America’s Premier Experts which airs on major networks across the country including ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX. Alonzo has served over 1,000 individuals through personal and professional development, delivered training to a plethora of Fortune 500 Companies, College and Universities, Institutions of Higher Learning, Foreign Countries (Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Guam), nonprofit organizations, and is consistently retained to be the keynote speaker at large and small events across the country.

He holds a bachelor’s in Accounting, three master’s degrees (Public Administration, Human Resource & Labor Relations, Business Administration), and is nearing completion of a PhD in Multidisciplinary Human Services. He is also currently in the process of obtaining his Doctorate in Business Administration.


10:15-11:15 Breakout Sessions

Meet Me at the Intersection of FMLA Street and ADA Boulevard

An overview of the interplay between the Family and Medical Leave Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act, and how the new pre-and post-partum provisions under the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act fit into employment policies under those laws.

Attendees will become familiar with the provisions, interplay and conflicts between the FMLA and ADA. They will also become familiar with the provisions of the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (passed as part of the 2023 omnibus bill), the provisions for leave and accommodations for pregnant and post-partum employees.

Saskia Jacobse

Deputy Director, Human Resources, City of Kansas City, Missouri | (816) 513-1951

About Saskia:

Saskia has worked for the City of Kansas City, Missouri for over 25 years, 23 of which were as a litigation and corporate attorney, specializing in employment law. For the last two years Saskia has served as Deputy Director of Human Resources with the City. Prior to working for the City of KCMO, Saskia was an attorney with the US Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights. A native of Minnesota, Saskia graduated from the University of Minnesota and Hamline University School of Law. 

Becoming An Employer of Choice: 3 Key Areas Of Focus To Compete With The Private Sector For Top Talent Today and Tomorrow!

What are your Top Talent candidates looking for in our current and future job market? What are their expectations? Since Millennials will be the largest sector in the workforce by 2025 with GenZ close behind, doesn’t it make sense to focus on what they are telling us they want and need in their employment and career choices? We can’t ignore GenX and the Boomers, however, recent data reveals that the gaps in job satisfaction needs between generations is closing quickly as they release old beliefs and adapt to our “new reality”.

Shelly will start with a conversation and data about what Millennials and GenZ expect in their quest for finding their “right fit” career path and employer, and it’s not always about pay, (which is an area that most public sector employers struggle with in competing with the private sector). Then she will move into 3 key areas that will create value and buzz for both your current staff and your candidates that will enhance your ability to compete and win in the talent pool race…while also being catalysts for becoming an Employer of Choice

Attendees will leave the program learning the importance of:

  • Creating a positive candidate experience that evolves into a positive employee experience. Strategies using technology combined with personal touches that create an irresistible draw to “right fit” candidates.
  • Up-skilling and Re-skilling opportunities for both new and existing team members…they need and want a clear path of both personal and professional development. Harnessing the power of both Public/Private and Public/Public partnerships to provide these opportunities and spread responsibility.
  • Human Leadership – Empathy and kindness creates a culture of care and belonging which leads to happier people, higher retention, reduced absenteeism and work comp claims, higher innovation and creativity, and increased employee goodwill effort.

Shelly Bays

Founder, EDGE Development Group, LLC | 913-240-6197

About Shelly:

Shelly Bays is an entrepreneur, speaker, business and life coach, and communication and leadership specialist. She is the Founder of EDGE Development Group, LLC and the Co-Founder of SCALE for Women, LLP.

Shelly has over 35 years of experience as a business owner, community leader and twice elected public official. She now focuses on communication, leadership, and team development coaching, training and speaking. She is a certified DISC Personality & Behavioral Consultant, Maxwell Leadership internationally certified coach, speaker and trainer and is certified in DEIB training with Empowered Living.

Shelly is passionate about helping others to grow their leadership capacity starting with themselves so that together we can create circles of leaders growing leaders. She does this through challenging, equipping and encouraging through her speaking, trainings, workshops and individual and group coaching.

In her spare time, you can find Shelly riding across the US and Canada on the back of a Harley-Davidson with her husband Alan, documenting and sharing their adventures or writing her first book, “Lead With Feminine Energy & Build Thriving Teams” with an expected release date of September 2023.

Dropping the F-Bomb: Challenging Our Notions of FIT

We’ve all done it. You know, dropped the F-Bomb. No, not that F*%#-Bomb, the one that is so much more than a simple word, the one that comes with all sorts of complexity…FIT. A candidate looks fantastic on paper, but then you wonder, will they “fit”? When you use the F-Bomb are you considering your identities, influence, or impact in a hiring process? Join Lo Klink to learn more about this concept and how it can be harmful or helpful to our hiring processes.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain a Deeper Understanding of Yourself & Your Own Identities
  • Consider How Your Identities Influence Your Interactions in Different Spaces
  • Learn from Others

Lo Klink

Associate Director, University of Wisconsin, Madison

About Lo:

Lo Klink works at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in both the Office of Student Financial Aid and the School of Education. Her area of expertise is within the realm of scholarships, student engagement, student employment, and high impact practices. A consistent thread in her work and home life is creating access to underrepresented communities. Lo is a former student-athlete and graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She recently completed a Master’s in Education from the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse with an emphasis on Student Affairs Administration and is now a student in their doctoral program. Her scholarship and publications have focused on implicit bias in access to financing higher education.

1:15-2:15 Breakout Sessions

No U Turn - Navigating Challenging Conversations

Communicating in our ever-changing and uncertain environment requires the ability to connect with others, actively listen to their concerns, and empathize with their unique situations. Sometimes people want to know the “why,” and sometimes they just want to be heard. Other times they repeatedly come to you just to complain.

Navigating these conversations can be difficult at times, especially if there are opposing views. Challenging each other to think differently can be a positive way to get ideas on the table – a necessary exercise to inspire innovation and achieve objectives. But too often, we avoid difficult conversations instead of leaning into them. And working virtually or in a hybrid model makes having these exchanges even tougher.

Join Barb Utrup of PRADCO for this engaging workshop that gives leaders tangible strategies to navigate conflict and produce productive conversations.

Learning objectives:

  • Review the components of emotional intelligence
  • • Define healthy versus unhealthy conflict
  • Explore key principles when approaching difficult conversations
  • Examine tangible steps to minimize disagreement

Barbara Utrup

Senior Management Consultant, PRADCO

About Barbara:

Barb Utrup has been leading human resources departments and doing business consulting for more than 20 years. In that time, she has partnered with leaders to support their strategic goals in the areas of talent management, organizational development, and human resources. Her experience in public, private, and non-profit organizations spans from strategy and operations to leadership and team development. Through this work, and as a former Chief of Human Resources, she is an experienced and knowledgeable partner.

At PRADCO, Barb focuses on delivering development initiatives to meet our clients’ changing needs. As a coach, she works with leaders to refine their leadership skills and offer strategies to enhance their effectiveness on the job. Barb also develops and facilitates training programs to assist teams and organizations in becoming high-performing units and operate more effectively.

Prior to joining PRADCO, Barb progressively advanced as a human resources professional, most recently as the Chief Human Resources Officer at a national non-profit child welfare agency. She was a key contributor to strategic initiatives, served as a consultant to operations, and managed all of the HR functions of the organization.

Barb’s strengths include outstanding communication and the ability to build relationships. With a professional, yet relatable communication style and ability to connect with individuals at all levels, she is very passionate about learning and development. She is an active member of several SHRM Chapters, including HRACO, and has been an Ohio SHRM annual conference planning committee member. Barb also volunteers her time with the Women for Economic Leadership Development (WELD) chapter as an annual conference committee member.


  • Leadership development and executive coaching
  • Organizational development and human resource strategies
  • Onboarding, goal setting, and performance management
  • Advising and implementing business processes related to selection, development, and retention
  • Training facilitation and group presentations


Barb earned a BBA in Human Resources from Mount Vernon Nazarene University and holds certifications from Professional in Human Resources (PHR) and SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP).

Mental Health In The Workplace

The COVID-19 epidemic and subsequent quarantine impacted and increased both mental health issues and claims. Many people experienced a slew of new stressors; the loss of patterns of life, the loss of in-person interaction, and long-term isolation. Additionally, these stressors bore new stressors of their own, such as substitution of electronic media interaction, drug abuse, and excessive drinking and eating. This tension felt around the world has culminated in a mental health decline for so many, and the subsequent reopening of the world has created a strange “new normal” with many unsure how to get back to the way things were before – or if they even should. Join Mark Morgan of SHERRILL MORGAN and Terri Evans of Employer Advisory Services as they discuss the general contemplation of the definition of happiness within social structures, as well as how longevity and happiness should be the long-term goals moving forward in the post-COVID world.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn actual steps to share with your employees (and yourself) about reconnection
  • Understand the differences in perception that divide us, with ideas on how to overcome
  • Understand employees' potential fears for the future and how to help develop a support network

Mark Morgan

President, SHERRILL MORGAN | (801) 376-3321

About Mark:

In his 30 years at SHERRILL MORGAN, Mark has accumulated a wealth of experience in establishing and managing employee benefit plans. As the founder of SHERRILL MORGAN's group health division, he paved the way in developing a systematic approach to healthcare benefits for governmental clients and has personally managed over 150 of them. He is a licensed Agent and Consultant and per SHERRILL MORGAN policy, is up to date on the latest healthcare rules and regulations. Understanding that an innovative approach is necessary to stay ahead in the healthcare industry, Mark has helped SHERRILL MORGAN to develop its partial self-funding division which allows employers (especially government agencies) to have a measure of control over their healthcare costs. Mark is a leading proponent for transparency in healthcare costs and is regularly invited to speak at human resource conventions on health benefits and health care reform. Mark is also an active community supporter having served on the Boards of numerous organizations including Kids Helping Kids, the Steinford Toy Foundation, and Kentucky Health Purchasing.


Information coming soon!

Speaker TBD

2:30-3:30 Breakout Sessions

Be Smart About Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace

Artificial intelligence is no longer reserved for the manufacturing environment. Employers and employees are enjoying increased access to an expanding universe of software programs and other tools that can create efficiencies while also presenting new labor and employment law challenges for the workplace. This wide-ranging presentation will discuss emerging technologies and legal issues that address equal employment opportunities, disability accommodations, protected concerted activity, and more.

Learning objectives:

    • Participants will learn what Artificial Intelligence is and its applications in human resources and business operations
    • Participants will explore concerns of using AI in business, including perceptions and effects on employees and the public
    • Participants will learn legal responses to concerns, including EEOC Guidance and best practices to ensure HR and legal compliance before deploying new technology

    Jesse Dill

    Shareholder, Ogletree Deakins 

    About Jesse:

    Jesse has a wide range of employment law litigation, labor negotiation and arbitration, and compliance counseling experience. He has obtained successful judgments and decisions for his clients in a variety of forums, including state and federal courts, arbitration proceedings, and administrative hearings. Jesse also represents indigent parties in federal jury trials through the Eastern District of Wisconsin Pro Bono Program.

    Jesse also conducts compliance counseling on all aspects of the employment relationship. He regularly assists clients to assess legal liability related to personnel decisions, evaluate and respond to requests for disability accommodations, prepare employment law policies that comply with federal and state law, protect confidential and trade secret information, draft enforceable non-competition and non-solicitation agreements, and respond to charges filed with administrative agencies. Jesse conducts investigations related to a broad range of employment law issues, and has substantial experience presenting in-house and to organizations on workplace topics with audiences enjoying his upbeat, interactive, and entertaining style. Jesse has been quoted as a legal expert for issues related to social media and the workplace by CNN and Fortune.

    The Gratitude Effect: Unleashing the Power of Appreciation at Work

    Today’s workplaces are full of cynicism, paranoia, and burnout. But the best organizations foster hope, trust, compassion, and gratitude because their leaders build a culture that which employees can thrive. Human workplaces understand the power of acknowledgment in the workplace. But the most enlightened organizations are taking recognition and rewards a step further. By operationalizing gratitude at work, they see measurable engagement, retention, safety, and productivity improvements. That’s because gratitude, when given frequently and crowdsourced, changes the receiver and the giver. In this session, see how some of the most admired global companies in the world achieved eye-popping ROI through case studies supported by unique data science. Learn how to achieve the ideal total rewards and recognition structure with the right level of investment to impact culture and performance positively. The great temptation is to wait until the crisis is over and things are “back to normal” before discussing such topics as burnout, moral distress, and moral injury. However, when we have significant challenges facing us, both personally and professionally, we need our best brains available to address them.

    This evidence-based learning event focuses on the positive psychology research that proves a positive mindset results in 23% greater energy in the midst of stress, 31% higher productivity, 19% higher accuracy, 40% higher likelihood to be promoted, up to 10 times more engagement, and improves our overall longevity. This learning event is designed to be experiential, growth-oriented, and collaborative.

    Learning objectives:

    • Create and sustain a more optimistic, adaptive, and resilient workforce through the power of positive psychology
    • Create a workplace culture that embraces positive change efforts
    • Increase staff satisfaction and retention

    Devin Hughes

    Chief Inspiration Officer, Devin C. Hughes Inc. | (913) 371-383

    About Devin:

    Devin is a captivating speaker, author, and culture expert. He helps leaders drive growth and engagement by aligning workplace culture with success. His experience working on employee engagement strategy, evolving corporate cultures, talent management, and diversity & Inclusion brings a unique perspective in helping his clients plan for positive growth and evolution. His approach which draws from the science of positive psychology, positive organizational research, appreciative inquiry, neuroscience, mindset, and mindfulness. As a result, clients receive the cutting edge in research on well-being and flourishing.

    Devin’s unconventional and innovative views on business and leadership have attracted international attention. From State Farm to Disney, from Lockheed Martin to Eli Lilly, from big business to entrepreneurs to government agencies, Devin has been invited to meet with an array of leaders and organizations in nearly every industry.

    Devin was named to Peoplehum’s power list of the top 200 thought leaders to follow in 2023. He received his BA Colgate University and his M.S. from Southern New Hampshire University. He is the author of twenty-one books and lives in San Diego, CA with his wife, four daughters and two rescue dogs.

    Roundtable Discussions with Vendors

    3:45-4:45 Breakout Sessions

    Creating a Performance Coaching Culture: How to Give and Receive Feedback for Optimal Effectiveness

    When we read that your conference theme is Road to a New Reality, we immediately thought of creating an organizational culture that fosters conversations focused on productivity and anchored in authenticity. It's the only way to get everyone walking together on this new road!

    We start by exploring the six components for a performance coaching culture and learning techniques, methodologies, and tools to successfully drive the desired results. Participants will discover how to navigate each component effectively and provide employees the feedback they need to deliver outstanding outcomes. One of the most misunderstood skills in managing and leading others is the delivery of feedback and the mindset and attitude needed to receive feedback. Daily coaching will help you focus so you and your team can do the work that has real impact, and you can direct your time and energy to solving the challenges that make a difference.

    Participants in this session will be able to:

    • Identify the six components for performance coaching
    • Develop the attitude needed to deliver and receive feedback
    • Implement a practice of daily coaching

    Lucinda Kenning

    Holliday Kenning Inc.

    About Lucinda:

    Lucinda Kenning is an experienced human resources leader and change agent who believes that leveraging an organization’s culture can lead to profound and lasting change – in the organization and its individuals. She is a respected speaker, mentor, and consultant who is passionate about sharing best practices that she learned from the vantage point of a human resources practitioner. She is active in IPMA-HR, serving on national-level committees and holding multiple offices. Lucinda is an innovative leader whose mission is to be a catalyst for positive change in organizations!

    Trish Holliday

    Holliday Kenning Inc.

    About Trish:

    Trish “Doc” Holliday is an educator, international keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, and leadership executive coach who helps professionals be perceived as the talented, confident, creative leaders they truly are. Trish believes in a culture that promotes engagement, encourages retention, and provides development for all employees, positioning the organization as a learning organization. From her days in fulltime ministry, in the Appalachian missionary field, and her work in government, private sector, and education, she has found enormous joy in helping people become their best selves and organizations to reach optimal performance.

    Don’t Leave! Keeping Employees in a Tight Labor Market

    Younger and mid-career employees continue to job shop as wages increase. Retirement eligible employees are moving on to the next phase of their life. Unemployment remains low, reducing the pool of eligible applicants. In short, it’s a hard labor market. However, there’s a lot you can do to keep your employees because, as the old HR saying goes, “Employees don’t leave organizations, they leave managers.” Learn what research is telling us to make the biggest impact on employee retention in this “new reality” and ways to set departments on a path to provide a culture where employees want to stay – or in the worst-case scenario - where they want to come back after leaving. The session is designed to be interactive, with time for audience members to discuss issues and resolutions with their peers.

    As a result of this hands-on work session, participants will:

    • Why employees are leaving and what they’re looking for.
    • Strategies and tools to keep employees engaged in the workplace.
    • Structured model for creating a culture of leadership.

    Isaac Bales

    Manager, Public Sector Advisory, Baker Tilly US, LLP

    About Isaac:

    Isaac is a manager on Baker Tilly’s public sector advisory team. He graduated from Butler University with a degree in finance which led him to work as a municipal advisor early in his career. He transitional over to organization and operational advisory projects where he works with public entities to gage employee satisfaction, improve performance management strategies, and structure operations to align with an organization’s vision.

    Woody Battle

    Senior Consultant, Public Sector Advisory, Baker Tilly US, LLP

    About Woody:

    Woody is a senior consultant on Baker Tilly’s public sector advisory team with combined experience working for Baker Tilly’s public sector advisory and specialty tax teams. Woody graduated from Moravian University in Pennsylvania with a bachelor’s degree in economics and political science and is certified in public sector leadership from Cornell University. Woody’s time is primarily spent analyzing organizational challenges facing public sector organizations and recommending solutions regarding human capital issues, strategic planning, org. structure redesigns, skills assessments, risk assessments, and operational audits.

    Roundtable Discussions with Vendors

    Tuesday | June 13, 2023 

    10:00-11:00 Breakout Sessions

    Motivate, Communicate, Innovate- Effective Leadership through Neuroscience

    The thoughts around leadership have shifted in the last decade with the discoveries made in the field of neuroscience. The implication of this research is particularly relevant to organizational leaders. Managers who understand the breakthroughs in neuropsychology can lead in a highly effective way and achieve incredible results. Leaders and their organizations’ that adopt and implement changes based on this brain science will see increased productivity, employee satisfaction, and gain an improved company culture. A culture that is inclusive and positive. Brain Lady Julie will present this complicated science in an understandable and actionable way.

    Learning objectives:

    • Gained skills around relationship building in management
    • Improved communication based on the science of communication dynamics and styles
    • Greater understanding of how words and actions build or break a good manager
    • Engagement through the power of showing empathy and building the emotional connection
    • Being mindful of the science behind inspiring others
    • Managers and company leaders will gain improved communication with teams
    • Employees who feel more engaged and valued, leading to greater innovation and retention
    • Teams that are motivated and inspired, therefore producing better results.

    Julie Anderson
    CEO, Founder, Your Best Mind LLC| (530) 919-4407

    About Julie:

    Julie “Brain Lady” Anderson is one of the nation’s top experts on the Brain Personality Connection and creator of the most comprehensive personality assessing tool available on the market today-the Brain Personality Connection Assessment. She is a highly sought after international professional speaker; corporate keynote; business/communication/relationship consultant; and international bestselling Author. For more than 17 years she has been using neuroscience and neuropsychology to ignite corporate leaders, teams, and individuals to fire up their brains. The information she shares will assist listeners to accelerate their success. Her background includes Natural Health, Psychology, Human Resource Development, Leadership Development, Psychoneuroimmunology, Courses in Depression, Anxiety Disorders and Brain Function, Brain Health, Personality Types, Stress Management, and the Brain Personality Connection. She holds certificates in The Neuroscience of Leadership, PSA-Psychological First Aid, Positive Psychology, Body Language Reading, Human Resource Development, How The Brain Learns, and Brain Health.

    Avoiding Potholes Through Strategic Workforce Planning

    Now more than ever, public sector organizations need to put the pedal to floor and strategically plan for their current and future workforce needs. Strategic workforce planning is bigger than succession planning. It takes a holistic look across the organization, from entry level positions through top leadership, to identify the positions that are mission critical for success. A workforce plan identifies the engine of employee skills and qualifications needed, existing skill gaps and when you need to develop or recruit external talent. Attendees in this session will learn the mechanics of building a strategic workforce plan and leave with templates to implement the framework when they drive home after the conference.

    Learning objectives:

    • •Learn how to analyze vacancy and retirement data and conduct department leadership interviews to develop a list of critical positions.
    • •Discover how to develop core competencies paired with individual employee evaluations to identify internal talent pools, organization-wide skill gaps and coaching tactics.
    • •Gain insight into operationalizing workforce planning throughout the year and mapping the connection to employee development, classification and compensation and executive search needs.

    Allison LeMay

    Manager, Public Sector Advisory, Baker Tilly US, LLP

    About Allison:

    Allison is passionate about helping entities effectively develop, manage and engage their employees to best meet organization-wide goals and objectives. As a manager with Baker Tilly’s public sector advisory team, she provides guidance and practical solutions for communities in context of changing workforce demographics, geographic constraints and budget limitations. Allison has an MPA from the O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs and enjoys spending time with her husband and mutt outside during the Chicago summers.

    Isaac Bales

    Manager, Public Sector Advisory, Baker Tilly US, LLP

    About Isaac:

    Isaac is a manager on Baker Tilly’s public sector advisory team. He graduated from Butler University with a degree in finance which led him to work as a municipal advisor early in his career. He transitional over to organization and operational advisory projects where he works with public entities to gage employee satisfaction, improve performance management strategies, and structure operations to align with an organization’s vision.


    More information to come!

    Speaker TBD

    11:15-12:15 Breakout Sessions

    Attract Top Talent with Compelling Job Posts and Recruitment Marketing Tactics

    Creating compelling job posts with a cohesive recruitment marketing strategy requires proper implementation and execution to attract, engage, recruit, and retain talent.

    To reach job seekers, government employers can use a variety of channels, such as job boards, social media, and networking events. It is critical to create not only detailed job descriptions and titles but to incorporate these job posts into a broader cohesive recruitment marketing strategy that is properly executed and can attract, engage, recruit, and retain talent.

    In our presentation, Careers In Government, the leading public sector recruitment marketing agency for state and local government, will highlight the latest job post strategies and recruitment marketing tactics being deployed in today’s marketplace.

    The competition is fierce in attracting candidates, so this interactive session is designed for attendees looking to incorporate real-world tactics in their recruitment marketing strategies.

    Learning objectives:
    • Job Post Branding that includes video marketing and social strategies
    • Search Engine Optimization strategies to supersize your campaign reach
    • Job Titles: What works and what doesn’t
    • How to successfully measure your campaign reach
    • Selecting the right creative that supports your employer's brand

    Michael Hurwitz
    President and Co-Founder, Careers in Government 

    About Michael:

    As Careers In Government’s Co-founder/President, Michael Hurwitz is responsible for day-to-day operations, as well as leading the company’s social media and marketing efforts. Since 1996, Careers In Government, Inc. (CIG) has been an industry leader and innovator in Local Government Job Listings and Career Resources. It counts among its clients, thousands of government and education organizations, as well as executive headhunters, who wish to utilize a niche job board to recruit and hire the best suited and qualified employees. Careers In Government, Inc. was distinguished multiple times by Forbes as the best site on the web dedicated to the public sector. Prior to Careers In Government, Michael Hurwitz was Vice President of Marketing and Advertising for USA Today.

    HR Leadership Secrets from a Podcast Junkie

    Listening to podcasts is an incredible way to access new, insightful, and applicable information. And listening to a wide variety of different types of podcasts can help see HR in a few light. In this session we will explore the HR leadership secrets taken from a wide variety of different types of podcasts. Topics will include, but not limited to: organizational change, learning and development, the “future of work”, DEI, organizational culture, etc.

    This presentation will include some interactive exercises - small group discussion as well as general discussion.

    Learning objectives:

    • Build awareness for human resources leadership “secrets” from industry experts
    • Identify strengths in human resources leadership competencies
    • Identify potential gaps in human resources competencies and skills
    • Build a personal plan of action

    Tom Daniels

    Associate Director, Bowling Green State University | (419) 372-8823

    About Tom:

    Tom Daniels is the Associate Director for Graduate & Executive Program in Business at Bowling Green State University (BGSU) with a focus on admissions and advising for the students earning their master’s and doctorate degrees organization development & change. Prior to BGSU, Daniels was the Director of the Executive Interviewing Center at MRops and Vice President of Learning & Development at TNS North America. He is actively involved in his community and serves as the Workforce Readiness Chair for the Northwest Ohio Human Resources Association (Toledo SHRM), Chair of the Alumni Connections Committee with the Owens Community College Foundation, board member of Leadership Toledo, and a member of Avenues for Autism board of directors. When he’s not working or in a board meeting, you can find him running or biking around town. Tom lives in Northwest Ohio with his wife and two sons.

    How to Engage a Multigenerational Workforce with Training

    This presentation will provide attendee's with key insight to creating successful training modules that will engage today's multigenerational workforce.

    Learning objectives:

    • How to reach employees to increase buy-in to training.
    • How proper planning and research of topics increase effectiveness.
    • How personal interaction affects your presentation.

    Jason McMahon

    Risk Management Director, Midwest Public Risk | (816) 292-7532

    About Jason:

    Jason McMahon has worked for 30+ years in municipal government for the cities of Lee’s Summit & Raytown Missouri and Washington DC, with 16+ of those years at Midwest Public Risk where he is the Risk Management Director. In that role he leads the risk management team while they work with members to minimize risk through proactive actions and post incident investigation. He is a sought after speaker presenting at local and national conferences for PRIMA, APWA and IMPA-HR Greater Kansas City.

    1:45-2:45 Breakout Sessions

    Change Management and Employee Engagement Theory: A Formula for Productivity

    As the socioeconomic environment evolves organizations are faced with new challenges, threats, and opportunities. With all the other requirements levied on today’s workers, we discover that change mostly has a negative association because it can be a painstaking process. It is commonplace for strategic leaders to operate without a change management strategy, and when this happens, it is a significant indication that the world is changing but the organization is not. Those without efficient resources to take change head-on will find themselves following Einstein’s definition of insanity by “doing the same thing over and over while producing the same results.” It is my belief that when an organization plans for strategic change, they position themselves not only to mitigate risk from negative change but they also open themselves up to take an opportunistic approach towards the subject.

    This presentation walks the audience through Kotter’s renowned 8-Step Change Management Theory and how it can be applied to Employee Engagement Theory. This strategy was created and is used by Transcend Engagement, so every point and step along the way is equipped with an applicable and appropriate real-world example. The presentation leads to a final message about culture. Culture is like any other entity, it is either getting better or it is getting worse. Employee Engagement drives culture, but it is also a relatively newfound theory and requires resources to measure productivity and to bridge generational gaps between workers. By the end of the presentation, the audience will understand how to create an overarching change plan for any endeavor and the relevance of employee engagement’s pillars to an organization’s health.

    Learning objectives:

    • Using Kotter's 8-Step Change Theory for Strategic Human Resource Strategy
    • The Pillars of Employee Engagement and their value to growing your culture
    • Measuring productivity through front-line leader efforts
    • Empowering the nonsupervisory workforce with effective communication resources

    Aaron Meyers

    President and Lead Consultant, Transcend Employee Engagement, LLC| (218) 340-5050

    About Aaron

    Aaron’s “people first, people always” credo is a driving influence behind Transcend’s employee engagement solutions and consultation services. In his 23 years of distinguished service in the Army, he trained and led thousands of people domestically and internationally. His accomplishments include induction into the exclusive Recruiting and Retention Hall of Fame and appointment as Minnesota's charter member into The Honorable Order of St. Cajetan for human capital achievement. He earned an MBA from Texas A&M IU’s A.R. Sanchez Jr. School of Business and is expected to obtain his Ph.D. in Organizational Management in 2024 from the Liberty School of Business.

    Monday Morning Live: Employee Engagement Through Improv

    With the recent trends like the Great Resignation, Quiet Quitting, and other challenges for attracting and retaining talented employees, employee engagement has never been more important--especially in the public sector. In this fun and interactive session, we will discuss what employee engagement is and isn't, learn the fundamentals of improv, and incorporate improv techniques into our communication style to enhance employee engagement.

    Note: a special invitation is extended to those who don’t enjoy public speaking. This will be an opportunity to try out improv techniques in a safe space and flex some skills that you might not know you have!

    In this interactive session, participants will:

    • Identify what employee engagement is and isn’t
    • Discover the concepts of improv
    • Learn how to integrate improv techniques into your communication style in a way that supports employee engagement and cultivates a culture of innovation and inclusion.
    • Develop these skills in a fun way.

    Elizabeth Borman
    Assistant HR Director, City of Champaign, Illinois| (217) 403-8771

    About Elizabeth:

    With 15 years of experience in public sector human resources, Elizabeth (Liz) Borman is passionate about all things related to talent.

    She is the Assistant HR Director for the City of Champaign, Illinois and holds a Master of Public Administration degree from Governor's State University, a Master of Urban Planning degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and a Bachelor of Media Studies degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She is also certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) and holds a Strategic Human Resources Leadership certificate from Cornell University.

    She also serves as the President-Elect for the Central Illinois Human Resources Group and is a member of the Champaign County Executive Club and Rotary Club of Champaign.

    Unleashing the Potential of a Distributed Workforce

    Distributed work is here to stay, so how do we embrace it? When it comes to new ways of working, it’s important to assess ease and practicality to bridge the gap and aid teams to work together collaboratively whilst reducing friction and remaining nimble.

    This session will be a case study with specific insights into how Atlassian, a leader in distributed teamwork, is developing new practices to nurture internal relationships and ultimately support employee retention.

    Learning objectives:

    • Sharing best practices for HR tech enablement – what does this roadmap look like?
    • What tools support Atlassian in remote collaboration and communication?
    • How is Atlassian bridging the gap to aid teams to work effectively with asynchronous and synchronous communication?

    Mark Cruth

    Modern Work Coach

    About Mark:

    Mark Cruth is Atlassian’s resident Modern Work Expert. Focused on practice over theory, Mark spends his days coaching both Atlassian and customer teams on new ways of working, then sharing what he’s learned at events around the world.

    Joining Atlassian in 2019, Mark brings over a decade of experience experimenting with work and helping people, teams, and organizations transform at places like Boeing, Nordstrom, TD Ameritrade, and Rocket Mortgage. Mark has made it his mission to inject modern ways of working, a transformation mindset, and the power of expert storytelling into everything he does.

    Conflict with Confidence - Effective Leadership to Maximize Your Growth

    Many of us fear conflict because of the unknown, but conflict can be the key that unlocks our unlimited potential. Shifting your mindset about conflict will lead to innovation, and help you surpass your goals. In this session, you'll uncover your conflict mode, understand how to leverage it for connection and growth, and learn words, phrases, and skills you can use to immediately build your confidence in approaching conflict.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Learn to shift your mindset about conflict
    • Uncover your personal conflict mode and learn to leverage it to grow your relationships
    • Learn concrete words, phrases and skills to approach conflict with more confidence

    Anna Nielsen

    Founder and CEO, Conflict Capable | (612) 252-7402

    About Anna:

    As the founder and CEO of Conflict Capable Solutions, Anna is revolutionizing how people approach and handle conflict.

    For many years, she was an executive leader for mission-driven organizations that were stifled by conflict. She’s on a mission to help people level up from conflict management to conflict capabilities with her experience and expertise in civil mediation, civil mediation training, conflict resolution consulting, and facilitated dialogues.

    She works alongside individual leaders, teams, and organizations to help them make a plan to help people confidently approach conflict. With her guidance, they shift their mindset about conflict and learn shared words, phrases, and skills that unlock their unlimited potential.

    She holds a bachelor’s degree in Diversity Studies and Communication and a master’s degree in Advocacy and Political leadership.

    Anna loves popcorn, improv, paddle boarding, creative writing, and meeting you.

    She’s based in Minneapolis where she lives with her husband Gabe and Morris, the bouncy Golden Retriever.

    Taming Your Wild

    Authentic leaders responsively let their emotional intelligence guide their actions. Emotional Intelligence is every leader’s ability not only to understand and mange their emotions, but to do the same for the circle around them. Many times leader’s avoid paths of emotional intelligence for reasons known and unknown. This session will help participants look behind the scenes and focus more on what is going on inside rather than outside of them.

    Learning objectives:

    • Gain healthy introspection regarding how others perceive you
    • P.O.S.E. (Pivot, Observe, Shift, and Evolve)
    • Be GRACEFUL, and resist CONTROLLING

    Alisa Henley

    President, Destiny Consulting, LLC | (816) 535-8908

    About Alisa:

    Dr. Alisa J. Henley, PhD is the founder of Destiny Consulting, LLC. She brings over 25 years’ experience in human resources and organizational development and is a globally recognized author and speaker. Dr. Alisa J. is also known as the “Vision Igniter®” for her ability to bring life and energy to those who read her books and experience her speaking. Over the years, she developed a knack for making meaningful connections with people and an insatiable appetite for helping others ignite their vision.

    Inspiration, Information, Instruction, and Investment are the four tenets of Dr. Alisa J.’s writing and speaking. She inspires to encourage, informs to enlighten, instructs to educate, and invests to empower. As an international speaker, she brings unique perspectives that empower others to unleash their untapped potential by using real-world examples to help others open their heart and frame their world.

    Dr. Alisa J. is called to rebuild lives and organizations!

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