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Committees play a vital role in assisting the board with their responsibilities and are responsible for coordinating and reviewing nominations for the various Central Region awards, scholarship, and officer nominations, as well as auditing our financial records. If you are a current IPMA-HR member of the Central Region and are interested in serving on a committee, please send an email to allison.lemay@bakertilly.com.



Scholarship and Awards Committee Chair:  
President Elect 

Each year this committee reviews nominations for the scholarship and various awards listed below.  Award winners are announced during the Awards Luncheon held each year at the Central Region Training Conference.

Nominations will be accepted for the following awards and scholarship: 



Executive Committee Nomination Chair:  
Central Region Representative to the IPMA-HR National Committee  

This committee is responsible for recruiting candidates to run for the various office positions on the Central Region Board.  Elections are conducted during the Central Region’s Annual Business meeting which is held in conjunction with the annual IPMA-HR Central Region Training Conference.

  • President Elect is a  3 year term that transitions from president elect, to president, and then past president
  • Treasurer is a 2 year term
  • Secretary is a 1 year term
  • Central Region Representative to the IPMA-HR National Committee is a 3 year term

The Executive Committee Nomination form is available HERE.



 Audit Committee Chair:  Appointed by the Board

This committee is responsible for auditing the financial records of the treasurer each year and for offering recommendations when deficiencies exist.

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