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Barbara Sundquist Award

The purpose of the Barbara Sundquist Distinguished Service Award is to recognize and 
honor one member of the Central Region who has made an outstanding  contribution
 to the purposes and  conduct of the Central Region, and who:

  • Has made a significant contribution to the Central Region;
  • At the time of the award, is retired and eligible to draw a retirement benefit from a public jurisdiction; and 
  • At the time of the award, is not active on a full-time basis in public personnel in the Central Region.
 Download the Best Practice Award Nomination Form here.

Past award recipients:

   2018-19            Michelle Williams

   2017-18          Pamela Kannady

   2015-16                            Linda Bjornberg

   2012-13                            Pat Parsons, IPMA-CP

   2008-09                            Mary Gavin-Wagner

   2007-08                            Anthony "Tony" Bruno

   2006-07                            Donald Woodson

   2005-06                            Richard Brainard

   2004-05                            James Stratton

   2003-04                            William Duffe

   2001-02                            Frank Smith

   2000-01                            Gerald F. Hoddinott

   1999-00                            Barbara Sundquist

   1998-99                            Richard Krueger

   1997-98                            Ralph O. Bowser

   1996-97                            Riginald Sipfle

   1995-96                            Margaret Sellers

   1994-95                            Thomas F. Lewinsohn

   1993-94                            Lois Borden

   1992-93                            Robert Helms

   1991-92                            Charles A. Pounian

   1990-91                            David Hillman

   1989-90                            John Anderson

   1988-89                            W. Donal Heisel

   1987-88                            Patricia Paulsen

   1986-87                            Richard A. Ross

   1985-86                            Robert Garnier

   1984-85                            Everett J. Fox

   1983-84                            Robert C. Walter

   1982-83                            A.M. "Biff" Elliott

   1981-82                            Francis P. Kelly

   1980-81                            Charles A. Myer

   1979-80                            R. Elliott Scearce

   1978-79                            Carl K. Wettengel


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